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incadea.myengine is the next generation global dealer management solution, designed to enable car dealerships to achieve high performance.

The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and incorporates innovative features and capabilities to help you gain control of your business, increase your profit margins, and drive growth. incadea.myengine offers:

  • One fully integrated solution that is extensive and customisable and powered by Dynamics NAV.
  • A cutting edge workplace for each dealership associate with twenty-one unique and preconfigured automotive roles available.
  • Support for complex scenarios with multi-currency, multi-branch, multi-language, multi- makes.
  • Automation and optimisation features that increase productivity and collaboration (barcodes, notifications, etc.).
  • A central hub for all your customer information (including sales, marketing, and customer service).
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools to help you monitor and analyse real-time KPIs and data.
  • The ability to manage key areas of your dealership on the go via incadea mobile apps.
  • Today, more than 83,000 users in 90 countries are using incadea solutions to perform their daily tasks, ensure success for their dealerships, and drive business success and stay ahead of the competition.

Core Components

Service Management: Focal points of the development were total revenue generation, efficiency improvement and day-to-day business controlling. Included are now, e.g., service appointment scheduling, workshop planning as well as various current status information.

Parts Management, Parts Purchases and Sales: Having the right part at hand at the right time is crucial for efficient performance and customer satisfaction. With incadea.myengine you can manage multiple inventories for multiple makes, even in several subsidiaries and independent companies.

Vehicle Management, Vehicle Purchases and Sales: Control and optimize your vehicle stock and the entire distribution chain. Enhance transparency throughout the vehicle pipeline to reduce the number of idle days and improve your margins.