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​Financial Management

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Greater simplicity, deeper insight into business information, increased financial control, and operational improvements designed specifically for smaller, growing businesses.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates critical financial, operations, customer, distribution, and e-commerce data into a streamlined, comprehensive solution for growing mid-sized businesses. Easy to use and maintain, Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you maximise productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and optimise service levels.

Customisable, Flexible, Powerful

Fully customisable, Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to build a solution to meet your specific needs, giving you the freedom to focus on your business. Your company will be positioned to increase capacity and adapt effectively to market changes without disrupting everyday operations. And at all times, you can count on the backing of AkiliAfrica and Microsoft.


AkiliAfrica Kenya Layer

AkiliAfrica Kenya Layer provides country specific functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Kenya and includes:

  • Cash Management: Bank reconciliation approval, cheque requisition, automated bank reconciliation, EFT payments.
  • Purchases and Payables: Creditor payment approval, supplier quote evaluation, LPO/Supplier quote validity, assigning pre-delivery item charges, store and purchase requisition approval, purchase requisition references, supplier quotes consolidation, purchase receipt consolidation, purchase inspection, journal line approval
  • Inventory Management: Store issues to employees
  • Multi-currency Management Reports
  • Withholding tax management: withholding tax rates; withholding tax posting per invoice or invoices' batch; automatic withholding tax posting to a payable account; KRA reports
  • VAT reports: VAT3A, sales VAT product, purchase input VAT, purchase input VAT invoices, purchase input VAT direct postings, direct postings to output VAT
  • Withholding VAT: withholding VAT rates; automatic posting to a payable account when payment is made for an invoice; VAT32B report
  • iTax Returns: WH VAT32B, VAT general rated purchases, VAT general rated sales, VAT exports, VAT zero rated sales, stock analysis report, employee details, car benefit details, fringe benefit details, lump sum payments, gratuity payments

AkiliAfrica Payroll Management

AkiliAfrica Payroll Management is built on and fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and enables businesses to process payroll and produce payslips, submit PAYE through iTax, and produce management reports to facilitate review, analysis, planning, and control of payroll costs. Key Features include:

  • iTax compliance
  • Unlimited number of earnings and deductions, with user defined payroll calculation formulae
  • Full integration with the general ledger, and biometrics time registration for tracking absenteeism and overtime
  • Multiple modes of payment (e.g. cash, cheque, Mpesa), and electronic data transfer to banks for bank payments
  • Earnings can be based on piece work, scales, or fixed individual salaries with processing for casual and permanent employees
  • Loans management function, low-interest benefits tax deduction, income tax deduction for employee fringe benefits
  • Payroll Data Segregation – ability to process multi-company/multi-unit/multi-sectional payrolls
  • Integration with Sales and Receivables – automatic deductions on advances or loans
  • Allocations – enables allocation of payroll expenses to multiple business units
  • Multi-currency
  • Automatic pro-rata payroll computation
  • Secure audit trail to track changes within payroll

AkiliAfrica Payroll helps eliminate manual journal vouchers for posting of salary costs to the general ledger reducing time that this would take and eliminate data entry errors. You have better planning and control of payroll costs and the included satutory reports will help facilitate prompt income tax returns. You can improve analysis of payroll costs and a secure audit trail helps you track changes within payroll.

AkiliAfrica Payroll also includes:

  • Comprehensive employee records
  • Time registration
  • Confidential information management
  • Leave management

AkiliAfrica Human Resources Management

AkiliAfrica Advanced Human Resources Management is built on and fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and provides forward-looking insights to enhance management of employees in an organisation. Included functionality handles:

  • Human resource planning
  • Comprehensive employee records management
  • Confidential information management
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Leave management
  • Performance appraisal and career progression
  • Medical expenses management
  • Acting allowance
  • Accident registration and workman compensation processing
  • Grievance handling and disciplinary process management
  • Employee separation
  • Employee and manager self-service (ESS and MSS)
  • Integration to time registration and payroll modules
  • Reporting.