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Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides manufacturing capabilities based on simplicity and flexibility for small to mid-size manufacturers.

In order to ensure a flexible response to changing market conditions, manufacturers must become customer-focused by supplying customized products and services that match specific customer profiles. Manufacturers can manage change by recognizing the necessity to improve change management, and by focusing on the customer, leveraging resources and competing in collaboration with each other.

Agility provided the small manufacturer with the opportunity to succeed in the market by responding faster to customer demands. Every manufacturer needs to become an agile manufacturer. And the systems that support agile manufacturing can go a long way in helping to ensure that agile manufacturers are able, not only to manage, but also to master change.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a solution based on simplicity and flexibility, allowing users to quickly adapt to new challenges, and to create opportunities based on new levels of flexibility and increased responsiveness.​

AkiliAfrica for Crop Production

AkiliAfrica's Crop Production solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning solution tailored to handle the unique requirements of the Crop Production industry. AkiliAfrica offers an innovative, flexible solution that is easy to use and provides forward-looking insights to help drive your business growth.

Included functionality handles:

  • Financial management
  • Production - fields definition and field activity management
  • Production - material application management
  • Production: post-harvest management
  • Farm produce sales
  • Time registration
  • Bonus management
  • Procurement management
  • Fixed assets management
  • Service management
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence.

Also available are fully integrated modules for Payroll, advanced Human Resources Management, Health Centre Management, and Freight Management.