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AkiliAfrica Whitepaper: Insights in the Cloud


A Guide for Small and Midsize Business.

As the volume of data grows, businesses are using the power of the cloud to gather, analyse, and visualize data from internal and external sources to improve business performance on a variety of fronts.

Business today runs on data: about customers, transactions, markets, and trends, about internal operations, logistics, and supply. Just collecting this data is a formidable challenge but it’s not enough. To make it valuable, businesses need to sift through it to spot the trends that matter fast enough to act.

Our whitepaper provides insights on:

  • What Cloud Means for Your Business
  • Data Tools for Smaller Businesses
  • Cloud by the Numbers
  • Becoming Data-Driven
  • A Vision for Your Data-Driven Business

We hope you find this whitepaper useful.

The AkiliAfrica Team