• AkiliAfrica solutions are based on the best Microsoft solutions (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Office 365, Microsoft Azure) which work seamlessly with other Microsoft solutions (e.g. Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft PowerApps).
  • AkiliAfrica solutions include Certified for Microsoft Dynamics add-ons that bring Kenya specific functionality (think iTax) not present in standard systems.
  • When you buy a product from AkiliAfrica, you’re buying an entire year’s worth of development, new features, bug fixes, and support. We provide regular maintenance releases to correct bugs, and several releases for new features and enhancements every year. Our approach enables us to listen to you, our users. We gather feedback from our user community (online, from within Dynamics NAV itself), and this guides our decision making process.
  • AkiliAfrica solutions include comprehensive packages for all your productivity and operations; and you can get started with an affordable starting solution and as your company grows you can seamlessly migrate to solutions with more functionality.
  • The implementation of AkiliAfrica solutions is fast and gets you up and running as quickly as possible.

AkiliFinance, AkiliTrade, and AkiliFlex are powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV managed Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides.

  • Microsoft Azure resources: Auto-scaled, load-balanced and highly-available Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Microsoft Azure SQL Databases, which include built-in security features, geo-redundant replication, and point-in-time restore.
  • Operated by Microsoft 24/7/365: World-class Microsoft Cloud Engineers operate, maintain, and monitor AkiliAfrica's Microsoft Dynamics NAV Managed Service components against an SLA of 99.9%.
  • Continuous Platform Improvements: AkiliAfrica commitment to continuous platform improvements (3-month platform upgrade cadence) of its SaaS solution and Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) add-ons.

Our primary solutions–AkiliFinance, AkiliTrade, and AkiliFlex–are delivered as cloud services that are charged on a monthly subscription (based on annual or quarterly plans). The subscription amount is determined by the solution and number and type of user licenses (standard, limited). In addition to the recurring subscription, there will be one-time optional fees for training and/or setup (as part of your subscription, AkiliAfrica provides video based training--you can choose “self-training” or instructor led training).

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Subscription Licensing: With the Subscription Licensing model, you license non-perpetual rights to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, meaning you can use the software only during the term of the agreement secured by periodic payments. This model lowers your initial licensing costs and provides you with the flexibility to increase or decrease subscription license counts from one subscription term to the next. With Subscription Licensing, Dynamics NAV is hosted and managed as Software as a Service (SaaS) by AkiliAfrica.

Access License Types: Solution Functionality and User Access are licensed through Subscriber Access Licenses (SALs). User SALs grant individual users the right to access the application irrespective of the number of users simultaneously accessing the application. A unique User SAL must be assigned to each individual user that will access the solution functionality. SALs are specific to an individual and cannot be shared. Subscriber Access Licenses (SALs) available:

  • Standard User SAL is a required SAL that entitles the licensed user to perform Full User tasks across the Solution using all of the functionality contained in the solution subscribed to.
  • Limited User SAL is an optional access license type that entitles the licensed user to perform Limited User tasks. Limited users are typically people you do not want to give access permission to post to your general ledger. I.e. your sales people on the road can be limited users, they can create quotes and invoices but cannot post the invoice.
  • Free SAL: included at no charge, one SAL for an External Accounting User using the client software only for the sole purpose of providing supplemental professional accounting or bookkeeping services related to the auditing process.

AkiliAfrica solutions are licensed on an annual basis; you can adapt your SAL counts from one year to the next as required by your changing business trends. When adding SALs, the cost of the license will be pro-rated based upon the time remaining in the current year’s term (based on a standardized 365-day year). So, for example, if there are 100 days left until the end of the term, you will pay the yearly charge divided by 365 times 100. When removing SALs, the reduced SAL count takes effect at the start of the subsequent yearly term. The only commitment for annual Subscription Licensing is a full year term so, except for having to let your subscription run its course until the end of the current term, you can cancel at any time without any penalties.

➊ Select the appropriate solution (AkiliFinance, AkiliTrade, AkiliFlex) and optional services needed (Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power BI, etc.) for your business and begin a subscription with the number of licensed users you will need. Keep in mind you can always add additional users when needed; start with the minimum number you think you will require. Enrolling in a subscription requires providing AkiliAfrica with detailed information on your business and users. ➋ AkiliAfrica will create your company and users and provide login details for your users. ➌ Enrol in instructor led training courses at AkiliAfrica or have your users “self-train” using video based material provided by AkiliAfrica. ➍ Purchase fixed scope Setup Assistance packages that will have an AkiliAfrica Application Consultant take you through the necessary steps to setup your solution for your unique requirements. Alternatively, you can use the Dynamics NAV online help, RapidStart templates, and included wizards to setup your solution yourself for your unique requirements. ➎ Import your opening balances. ➏ That’s it, you’re up and running!

This will depend on your business needs, e.g. what functionality you need training on and to be setup prior to going live. Please consult with us for detailed information. However, as a guide, here are a few scenarios to consider:

  • With AkiliFinance, we have pre-loaded a standard Chart of Accounts and posting groups. Simply add your customers, items, and vendors, and start using the application.
  • With AkiliTrade, training and set up may take up to a month.
  • With AkiliFlex, training and set up may take up to 2 months.

You have two options—using video based “self-training” material provided by AkiliAfrica, or attending instructor led classes. Video based training material is included at no extra cost with your subscription, instructor led training is provided for a fee. Training schedules are published on our website.

You have two options—you can use Dynamics NAV online help and included wizards to setup your unique requirements, or you can purchase fixed scope Setup Assistance packages that will have an AkiliAfrica Application Consultant take you through the necessary steps to setup your solution for your unique requirements.

AkiliAfrica Help Desk support is included in all subscription packages. AkiliAfrica email support response times are built around two classifications – Priority Response (business process cannot be completed due to system error), and Standard Priority (everything else). The guaranteed response time for priority tickets is 8 hours and standard tickets 16 hours. AkiliAfrica support hours are from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday and exclude public holidays and the period December 20 January 5.

AkiliAfrica solutions are hosted on Azure Western Europe. Some of the many benefits include around the clock service monitoring, high service performance, availability and security. With active geo-replication, we provide database-level disaster recovery and redundancy solution for your peace-of-mind.

AkiliAfrica solutions are accessed in one of three ways: a web browser via the Internet, a tablet or mobile phone client (iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile), or a Microsoft Windows native client. We will provide a unique website URL that you and your employees will use to log into AkiliFinance, AkiliTrade, AkiliFlex. Each user will get their own username and password.

No, you do not. AkiliFinance, AkiliTrade, and AkiliFlex are stand-alone applications but when combined with Microsoft Office 365 you get a complete Microsoft solution that offers best-of-class, familiar and integrated productivity experiences that no other software vendor can provide.


Cloud solutions are similar to traditional software that you install on your own servers, except this time, the software runs on our servers in the Microsoft Azure cloud and you access applications with your web browser via the Internet. It is very similar to how you access your internet banking or personal email. Your data is securely stored, processed on Microsoft servers, and accessed by you. You are able to access your business solution from virtually anywhere on any device as long as you have internet connectivity.

Businesses with in-house business management and accounting software typically have their own internal IT resources – software, hardware and IT personnel. IT personnel require the time, skills, and abilities to manage all resources. Software and hardware typically require the full upfront purchase cost—capital expenditure—which could be tens of thousands of dollars. Also, typically required are implementation services which are often not expensed. There are ongoing costs in maintaining, upgrading, and supporting the solutions as well as the more complex IT infrastructure.

Cloud solutions will provide a more cost-effective approach than running an in-house system. AkiliAfrica maintains all server aspects of the solution. You do not need to purchase servers or server software, license costs upfront, or maintain dedicated business IT personnel. Implementation services are significantly reduced, and ongoing costs for maintaining and upgrading the solutions are removed from your budget. You pay for what you use, similar to a utility or phone subscription. You move from capital expenditure to an operational expense model.

AkiliAfrica solutions are operated by Microsoft 24/7/365: World-class Microsoft Cloud Engineers operate, maintain, and monitor AkiliAfrica's Microsoft Dynamics NAV Managed Service components against an SLA of 99.9%. Please see >

We know some organizations are still wary of the cloud: keeping data confidential is essential for any company. That’s why Microsoft has made an industry-leading commitment to the protection and privacy of your data. Microsoft was the first cloud provider recognized by the European Union’s data protection authorities for its commitment to rigorous EU privacy laws. Microsoft was also the first major cloud provider to adopt the new international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018. Microsoft has decades-long experience building enterprise software and running some of the largest online services in the world. Microsoft uses this experience to implement and continuously improve security-aware software development, operational management, and threat-mitigation practices that are essential to the strong protection of services and data. For more information on security, compliance, privacy, and transparency on Microst Azure, please see Microsoft Trust Centre | Microsoft Azure.

You own it. You control it. And it is yours to take with you if you decide to leave the service. You retain all rights, title, and interest in the data you store with AkiliFinance, AkiliTrade, or AkiliFlex. During and for 90 days after your subscription, you can get a copy of all of your data at any time and for any reason. We do not use your data for anything other than providing you with the service that you have subscribed for. As a service provider, we do not scan your email or documents for advertising purposes.

AkiliAfrica solutions data is stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Please see >

The AkiliFinance application and its databases are mirrored and backed-up automatically by default as part of your subscription. The back-up data is stored in geographically-replicated storage which maintains copies of your data across two Azure datacentres. With cross-region redundancy we are able to recover data in the event of a disaster (e.g. a natural disaster) providing a robust business continuity offering. Please see: Resilient Applications


You can purchase AkiliAfrica solutions at any time. Annual and quarterly subscriptions plans are available; we accept bank transfer, cheque, credit card and PayPal payments.

Choose an AkiliAfrica solution >

AkiliFinance, AkiliTrade, and AkiliFlex licenses are named users only. AkiliFlex on-premise provides concurrent users.

Subscription prices are based on an annual term. You can start with 1 user and increase (or decrease) your number of users at any time. Even with 1 user, you still get one extra login for your external accountant (and a dedicated AkiliAfrica administration user acount).

Yes, there is no additional cost. Tell us who your accountant is and we will send them login details via email.

Yes. You can start with AkiliFinance; as your business needs change, with a simple license change we can migrate you to either AkiliTrade or AkiliFlex.

Simply notify us 30 days before your subscription is due for renewal.

During and for 90 days after your subscription, you can get a copy of all of your data at any time and for any reason for retrieval purposes only. Your subscription contract will specify who has authority to request and receive your data.